Want to get free resin or filament?
1. Review to win
If you purchased from LONGER store of Amazon or Aliexpress, please fulfill the form as below, and attached with review pictures or video, then you will get the free resin or filament from us.
TEXT + Pictures (at least 3 images): 1 Bottle of 500g Resin or 1KG Filament

TEXT + Video: 2 Bottles of 500g Resin or 2KGS Filaments
2. Share to win
Join LONGER 3D OFFICIAL GROUP in Facebook, and share your printing models in group to join the campaign of printing poll. The poll will be voted by users in group. The winner will get the free resin or filament. 
1st Winners: 2 Bottles of 1KG Resin (TWO Winners)

2nd Winners: 1 Bottles of 1KG Resin (THREE Winners)

3rd Winners: 1 Bottles of 500g Resin (FIVE Winners)
Check us out at www.longer3d.com and learn more!
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